Just Tell Me cleverly leverages ChatGPT to provide short, insightful summaries of YouTube videos.

Have you ever wasted some time watching a youtube video, that got you kind of interested because of the click-baity topic, but in the end turned out to be nothing more BUT click-bait? Or have you ever wanted to just quickly recall what a video that you’ve watched some time ago was about? Just Tell Me has you covered!

You can run it from the website or locally on the command line, with your OpenAPI key and the LLM model of choice. I have not looked at the code, but I understand it leverages the video transcript to do its magic1. I’ve been using it for a while, and it’s been good.

  1. I’ve now looked at the code and the actual ChatGPT prompt is “You will be provided with video captions. Summarize the video in one paragraph” (link). ↩︎