I couldn’t recall a tmux command, so I quickly reached for my trusted default search engine DuckDuckGo. I typed “tmux cheat sheet” because, well, once I found an excellent one which I wanted to summon again. To my surprise, the search result included an in-page cheat sheet—a good one too.

DuckDuckGo provides an in-page tmux cheat sheet

It isn’t the first time that DuckDuckGo surprises me like that. Need a new GUID? Search for it.

DuckDuckGo comes with an in-page guid generation feature

Need a quick QR code? Of course.

DuckDuckGo comes with an in-page QR code generation feature

DuckDuckGo should be everyone’s default browser for many valid reasons, and in-page results for frequent searches (or Istant Answers as they call them) sure isn’t the most prominent one, but it is handy to have around. It is also of some comfort to see that I’m obviously not the only one forgetting tmux commands.