So the motorcycle-touring season has started, albeit a little late this year because of the COVID situation, and I’ve been avidly pursuing it. On Sunday, I embarked on a 700 km trip from my place to the Dolomites and back.

It’s been a glorious day. We (Antonio and I) visited many renowned Mountain Passes, enjoyed stunning views, ate great food and chatted like there’s no tomorrow.

I took my GoPro along with me. I wanted to record some scenes to inspire my motorcycle club1 comrades. However, I admit I was dubious that it would be worth the hassle. Filming while driving would be difficult; editing and assembling the cuts later would be tedious. Moreover, I have almost no experience with this stuff.

The video is available on YouTube, and I already know it’s probably too long. Ideally, it should feature live voice recording, possibly a second camera point-of-view, and, heck, even some drone footage2. But it’s only the first attempt; it will have to do.

Contrary to my expectations, filming on the go wasn’t too stressful, and editing was.. ok I guess. However, once it was done and I finally got to watch it, I realized the obvious: it will primarily serve as a remarkable memory of a glorious day. Eventually, it will also inspire some of my club comrades; but that’s now a secondary goal.

  1. The Triumph Owners MotorCycle Club (italy; international↩︎

  2. For some quality moto vlogging, see the Itchy Boots on YouTube [rss]: [tw]: [nl]: ↩︎