Solo winter attempt at Cerro Torre

My mountaineering days are mostly left behind, and I miss them, so now and then, I look at some YouTube videos from the field specialists. Today, the algorithm suggested I watch a truly phenomenal one by Colin Haley. What makes it so unique is the raw, unedited “I’m filming for my family” feeling that there is to it. He’s sweating, swearing, worrying and freezing like, you know, the rest of us....

February 16, 2024

AI generated videos just changed forever

Yesterday’s OpenAI launch of Sora is, as is always the case with OpenAI, mind-boggling. Marquees Browniee’s comment is spot-on, so much so as he’s obviously involved in the video-making scene. I don’t think content creators are at risk with Sora, not anytime soon, but, as Marquees repeatedly notes in the video above, just one year ago we thought AI-generated video was a joke.

February 16, 2024

YouTube video summaries via ChatGPT

Just Tell Me cleverly leverages ChatGPT to provide short, insightful summaries of YouTube videos. Have you ever wasted some time watching a youtube video, that got you kind of interested because of the click-baity topic, but in the end turned out to be nothing more BUT click-bait? Or have you ever wanted to just quickly recall what a video that you’ve watched some time ago was about? Just Tell Me has you covered!...

February 6, 2024

Triumph Bonneville Dolomites Ride 2021

So the motorcycle-touring season has started, albeit a little late this year because of the COVID situation, and I’ve been avidly pursuing it. On Sunday, I embarked on a 700 km trip from my place to the Dolomites and back. It’s been a glorious day. We (Antonio and I) visited many renowned Mountain Passes, enjoyed stunning views, ate great food and chatted like there’s no tomorrow. I took my GoPro along with me....

June 16, 2021

Il filmato del mio intervento al Ravenna CNA BarCamp

Il filmato del mio recente intervento al Ravenna CNA BarCamp è online. L’articolo originale è stato aggiornato e ora include sia le slide che il video. In alternativa c’è sempre YouTube.

May 31, 2012 · Nicola Iarocci

La banda larga simmetrica porterà Internet fuori dal medioevo

In questa bella intervista Gaspar Torriero discute con Massimo Mantellini dell’importanza della banda larga simmetrica. Secondo Torriero ci troviamo ancora nel medioevo della Rete e la simmetria delle connessioni sarà la chiave che aprirà la porta a un futuro in gran parte ancora inimmaginabile. Dieci minuti ben spesi: ...

January 26, 2011 · Nicola Iarocci