JetBrains has left Russia

While it has been a very challenging and difficult time for the company, it cannot even remotely be compared with the horrendous situation that the people of Ukraine are facing on a daily basis, caused by the war. Once again, we condemn this aggression, and have and will continue to stand by the people of Ukraine, including our colleagues and their families.  More here. I’m using JetBrains products when I’m not in (neo)vim. »

What Ukraine flag signifies

What the Ukraine flag signifies. A golden field of grain (Ukraine is the world’s 4th largest exporter of barley and corn, and the 5th largest exporter of wheat) beneath clear blue skies. Sky above grain, or freedom above bread (source1.) Subscribe to the newsletter, the RSS feed, or follow @nicolaiarocci on Twitter The story of Ukraine’s flag is rich and controversial. It appears to be true, however, that “blue sky over sunflowers” forms Ukrainians’ conception of their flag. »

Author image Nicola Iarocci on #ukraine,