My talk at Percona Live 2015

The slides of my talk at Percona Live 2015 (Amsterdam) are online. It was titled “MongoDB and REST APIs a Match Made in Heaven” and it was meant as an introduction to Mongo, REST principles and the Eve python framework. Overall it has been a pleasant experience, although I found that splitting 300 attendees through seven concurrent tracks ultimately led to too much fragmentation. People often found themselves with 2-3 interesting talks all happening simultaneously, and just had to pick one. »

MongoDB and REST API go for a picnic (video and slides)

I had the opportunity to give my RESTful WeB APIs and MongoDB Go For A Picnic talk at both MongoTorino and NoSQL Day. The folks at PUG Friuli where so nice to record all the NoSQL Day sessions, so here you have it: the full length video of yours truly speaking to a fully packed room crowded with 120 very attentive attendees. Unfortunately audio is horrible and while all MongoTorino talks were in english, NoSQL Day was an italian-only event. »

Eve v0.0.8 has been released

Most significant features are probably the native support for MongoDB write concern settings, new event hooks allowing for transformation of documents before they are sent to clients, increased handling of both pagination and CORS, and the native validation of float data types. Get it on PyPI, go straight to the source code or more likely, visit the project homepage. »

Sito ufficiale e blog per il progetto Eve

E’ passato qualche mese da quando ho annunciato Eve, il REST API framework open source. Nel frattempo il progetto è cresciuto bene: siamo appena giunti alla versione 0.0.6, abbiamo un sito ufficiale, un blog, e stiamo lavorando a nuove feature davvero interessanti. »

Vi presento Eve il framework per le REST API Web

Lo scorso anno abbiamo lavorato duro per costruirci una RESTful Web API su misura, flessibile e completa. In corso d’opera abbiamo imparato molto sulle migliori pratiche REST, mettendo anche alla frusta le rinomate capacità Web del linguaggio Python. Ad EuroPython 2012 ho poi raccontato la nostra esperienza e condiviso ciò che avevamo imparato. In quell’occasione mi sono reso conto di quanto l’argomento fosse d’attualità, tanto che da quel 4 luglio le slide che avevo preparato (le trovate su Speaker Deck o Slideshare) ed i video su YouTube (italiano; inglese) hanno totalizzato 30mila visite. »