My Crazy Speaking Month

April was definitely my crazy Speaking Month. After an almost one year long self-imposed conference hiatus, I was challenged to deliver four different talks, attend two discussion panels, give one live demo and release one interview. All in a three weeks period span. First I went to PyCon Sette in Florence. A few days later a plane took me to St. Petersburg, Russia, for PiterPy. Finally, the next weekend I was in Rome for the Western Europe Microsoft MVP Community Day. »

Look mum, I’m a MVP

A few hours ago I was notified that I have been awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for Development Technologies. This came totally unexpected. Especially so considering that during the last few years I have been splitting my time between Microsoft and other open source technologies. My public work has mostly been on Python and MongoDB. Yes I also released .NET open source projects in the meantime (more are coming soon) and yes, I wrote a few articles here and on the MSDN Blog, attended Microsoft events and did interviews. »