Motorcycling the Tuscan Chianti

Last weekend I attended Eroica 2023, a motorcycling event organized by the Italian branch of the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club I currently preside. We rode the Eroica route, a legendary gravel bicycle race that runs through the most beautiful territories of the Tuscan Chianti region. It was glorious. The weather was perfect, the food was incredible, and the close-knit party of thirty T.O.M.C.C. bikers had great fun. We all ended up covered in an astonishing amount of powder. »

Motorcycling the Foreste Casentinesi National Park

Last Saturday I went on a motorcycle trip with my club. We had about forty motorcycles, many coming from afar—a tremendous turnout considering how advanced the season is. This event was particularly involving for me, as my local group was in charge of the organization. We were going to visit the Foreste Casentinesi National Park, which isn’t far from our hometown. We know those roads and their surroundings well; we call them home, yet I insisted on scouting the planned route not once but twice, and I think it was crucial to the event’s success. »

Motorcycling the Dolomites with the club

Last weekend I went on a motorcycle trip with my club. Our goal was to visit the beautiful Dolomites in the Italian Alps1. We had twenty motorcycles on the road, evenly split between modern classics (Bonnevillles in all their variations) and adventure bikes (Tigers new and old). A great turnout considering that the weather forecast for the weekend wasn’t exactly great. Of all the TOMCC members who registered, only two were missing because they tested positive for COVID. »

Triumph Bonneville Dolomites Ride 2021

So the motorcycle-touring season has started, albeit a little late this year because of the COVID situation, and I’ve been avidly pursuing it. On Sunday, I embarked on a 700 km trip from my place to the Dolomites and back. It’s been a glorious day. We (Antonio and I) visited many renowned Mountain Passes, enjoyed stunning views, ate great food and chatted like there’s no tomorrow. I took my GoPro along with me. »