Look mum, I’m a MVP

A few hours ago I was notified that I have been awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for Development Technologies. This came totally unexpected. Especially so considering that during the last few years I have been splitting my time between Microsoft and other open source technologies. My public work has mostly been on Python and MongoDB. Yes I also released .NET open source projects in the meantime (more are coming soon) and yes, I wrote a few articles here and on the MSDN Blog, attended Microsoft events and did interviews. »

On my trip to Microsoft Build 2015

Last week I was in San Francisco for Build 2015, the annual conference event held by Microsoft and aimed toward software and web developers. Overall it has been a great experience. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Microsoft executives, Program Managers and developers about the new stuff they are cooking up and, in general, about that New Microsoft we all have been experiencing as of late (I have a guest post on MSDN Italy on that topic). »

F# Vs C#

I have another guest post up at the official MSDN Team Blog. Titled F# Versus C#, it is an attempt at a gentle introduction to F# for the Italian C# developer. »

Microsoft’s New Running Shoes

When Ballmer famously said, “Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches,” it was fair to characterize Microsoft’s approach to open source as hostile. But over time, forces within Microsoft pushed to change this attitude. Many groups inside of Microsoft continue to see the customer and business value in fostering, rather than fighting, OSS. via Microsoft’s New Running Shoes. »