The 20-year indie web cycle, maybe

The History of the Web has an interesting take on the resurgence of blogging and the indie web that seems to be occurring these days. With roots in the world of fashion, there exists a cyclical principle suggesting that every two decades, previously popular trends “every 20 years or so the trends that were once popular will begin to be on the forefront again.” What’s old is new again. However, these recurring trends aren’t just rip-offs....

February 7, 2024

Quoting Christine Lemmer-Webber

Bring back self-hosted blogs, reinstall a feed reader, make your feed icon prominent on your blog. Blogs + Atom/RSS is the best decentralized social media system we’ve ever had! And yes I am saying that as co-author of ActivityPub: self hosted blogs is the best decentralized social networking we’ve had. – Christine Lemmer-Webber

January 2, 2024


Ben Werdmuller has a terrific post up on his website. His “tortured” analogy of the web and governments as platforms for people to build upon is fascinating. I believe strongly in the indieweb principles of distributed ownership, control, and independence. For me, the important thing is that this is how we get to a diverse web. A web where everyone can define not just what they write but how they present is by definition far more expressive, diverse, and interesting than one where most online content and identities must be squished into templates created by a handful of companies based on their financial needs....

September 30, 2022