F# Vs C#

I have another guest post up at the official MSDN Team Blog. Titled F# Versus C#, it is an attempt at a gentle introduction to F# for the Italian C# developer. »

Introducing Eve.NET the HTTP/REST Client for Humans™

Eve.NET is a simple HTTP and REST client for Web Services powered by the Eve Framework. It leverages both System.Net.HttpClient and Json.NET to provide the best possible Eve experience on the .NET platform.

Written and maintained by the same author of the Eve Framework itself, Eve.NET is delivered as a portable library (PCL) and runs seamlessly on .NET4, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. We use Eve.NET internally to power our iOS, Web and Windows applications.


Learn C, Then Learn Computer Science

This is the problem with emphasizing computer science over learning to code. Without an understanding of what’s happening at a low level, my peers ran into issues […] and had no idea what to do to debug them. This is a problem that stems from teaching people computer science but not teaching them how to code. Learning to code isn’t just teaching people how to spell – it’s teaching people the meaning behind the words. »

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The Descent to C

This is really worth you time if you’re looking to learn C language (you should). This article attempts to give a sort of ‘orientation tour’ for people whose previous programming background is in high (ish) level languages such as Java or Python, and who now find that they need or want to learn C. via The Descent to C. »

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The Development of the C Language

Dennis M. Ritchie ‘The Development of the C Language’ is one of those things any programmer should read soon or later, if nothing else for historic reasons. C came into being in the years 1969-1973, in parallel with the early development of the Unix operating system; the most creative period occurred during 1972. Another spate of changes peaked between 1977 and 1979, when portability of the Unix system was being demonstrated. »

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