Story of Redis and its creator antirez

I read a well-researched story about Redis and its creator Salvatore Sanfilippo, also known as antirez. I was already familiar with many details as I have been following him since OKNotizie and Segnalo, of which I was a user. At the time, as a user, I exchanged a few emails with Salvatore, whom years later I had the pleasure of meeting in person, as we were both speakers at several conferences.

On his website, he apologizes for being unable to respond to all the mail he receives. Well, my experience is the opposite. I remember one of our several mail exchanges. In 2013 I asked him for git help, and minutes later, he replied with a custom script he had put together for dealing with that exact problem. Later on, as I was working on a git presentation for Codemotion (I think), I fired a quick email asking permission to feature his script in my session. The green light landed seconds later. Salvatore is the epitome of kindness and helpfulness.

As if his pronounced computer skills were not enough, with his latest sci-fi novel Wohpe (on my reading list), he proves to be endowed with the most diverse capabilities.

Anyway, here’s the antirez & Redis story I mentioned. Worth reading it.

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