I never see my macOS desktop. It’s always cluttered with way too many open windows. When I spot those fantastic, tidy and clean Desktops on the internet, I envy their owners. I wonder if and how they manage to keep those desktops tidy like that the whole workday. It must feel so good.

I try to keep my windows well arranged. The typical setup might be two windows, from two different apps, tiled side by side. Maybe the browser, or Postman, on the right, and my favourite editor on the left. Stuff like that.

Hookshot is excellent for doing just that. I discovered this tiny little app a few weeks ago, thanks to Robin Rendle. Before, I was using Moom, which is also good. I like Hookshot’s dead-simple keyboard shortcuts. Once the single modifier key combo Control+Command clicks, you’re done. Rearranging windows becomes a no-brainer. In a way, the experience reminds me of Vim and its unique muscle-memory superpower. The ten days trial ended today, and I purchased the license right away.