Visual Studio 2017 just received an update (version 15.2). Among other nice things, this update brings full support for Python back into the official release of VS2017. As you might recall (see my old whiny post), previously Python was only available with Visual Studio 2017 Preview (a separate install).

I just upgraded my copy of Visual Studio, added the Python Development Workload to it via the VS Installer, and finally (and very happily) uninstalled the whole Visual Studio Preview thingie. Alleluja!

In case you are wondering what this is all about, well you should know that Python in Visual Studio is very powerful. The Release Notes provide a quick overview:

We have enhanced the Python development workload in Visual Studio to maximize your productivity in Python. We offer improved IntelliSense, web development projects, Git, and VSTS integration to save you time and effort on everyday tasks. Use world class debugging (local, remote, cross-platform, and Python/native) and profiling tools to improve the quality and performance of your Python code.

You can also check out my Python on Windows Like a Boss talk (although I guess it will kind of suck without the live demo), or jump over to the official Python information page.

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