I’m pretty psyched about the upcoming .NET6 release. I’ve already touched on ASP.NET 6 Minimal APIs. Continuing on the long-established tradition, the team has also worked hard on the performance side of things. File IO, for example, is seeing impressive gains:

For .NET 6, we have made FileStream much faster and more reliable, thanks to an almost entire re-write. For same cases, the async implementation is now a few times faster! We also recognized the need of having more high-performance file IO features: concurrent reads and writes, scatter/gather IO and introduced new APIs for them. TL;DR File I/O is better, stronger, faster!

If you have the time, make sure you read the whole blog post. Learning about the low-level details on how they achieved such (pretty phenomenal) results is fascinating. They’re not stopping at file IO either. In another lengthy blog post, they had to add a table of contents, or we would get lost in the myriad of improvements.

Don’t worry, I don’t cover all of them here, but grab a large mug of your favorite hot beverage, and settle in: this post takes a rip-roarin’ tour through ~400 PRs that, all together, significantly improve .NET performance for .NET 6.

There are a ton of new things coming up, too, of course.