Open Source

Here is a list of my open source projects. You can see check the source code for all of them on GitHub.

  • Eve. Effortlessly build and deploy highly customizable, fully featured RESTful Web Services. Powered by Flask, MongoDB and good intentions.

  • Cerberus. Lightweight and extensible data validation library for Python. It provides type checking and other base functionality out of the box and is designed to be easily extensible, allowing for easy custom validation.

  • Events. Bringing the elegance of C# EventHanlder to Python. Here is a handy class that encapsulates the core to event subscription and event firing and feels like a “natural” part of the language.

  • Flask-Sentinel. OAuth2 Server bundled as a Flask extension. Add OAuth2 capabilities to an existing or brand new Flask application.

  • Eve-Swagger. Swagger extension for Eve powered RESTful APIs.

  • Flask-MimeRender. Python module for RESTful resource representation using MIME Media-Types and the Flask Microframework.

  • JSON-Datetime. Allows for proper decoding of datetime values contained in JSON streams.

  • SimpleObjectCache. Asynchronous, permanent, cross-platform key-value object cache for .NET. powered by SQLite3.

  • Eve.NET. Simple HTTP and REST client for Web Services powered by the Eve Framework. It leverages both System.Net.HttpClient and Json.NET to provide the best possible Eve experience on the .NET platform.

  • FatturaElettronica.NET. Lettura, scrittura e convalida del formato standard delle fatture elettroniche per Pubblica Amministrazione.

  • FatturaElettronica.Extensions. Estensioni per FatturaElettronica.NET

  • FatturaElettronica.WebServices. Raccolta di client per i diversi Web Service della Pubblica Amministrazione dedicati alla fatturazione elettronica.

  • FatturaElettronica.Forms. Libreria WinForms che provvede una UI per l’editing e la segnalazione degli errori di convalida delle fatture elettroniche.

  • Spesometro.NET. Lettura, scrittura, convalida dello Spesometro (Comunicazione delle Fatture Emesse e Ricevute).

  • Il Piccolo Libro di MongoDB. Authorized Italian translation of The Little MongoDB Book di Karl Seguin.

  • Many more OSS projects I have worked on have been released by my company.

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