Wrapped by Spotify, the 2022 edition just landed in my mailbox. This year I listened to twenty-four different genres. My favorite was Indie Jazz, followed by Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronica and Rock. I am a little puzzled about that Hip Hop in second place. In total, I spent 14143 minutes listening to music, 80 percent more than other listeners in Italy did.

My favorite track was Fear Of The Dawn by Jack White, followed by The Beginning by Native Soul, Sorcery by The Toxic Avenger, Spirals by Django Django, and Boy From Michigan by John Grant.

My favorite artists have been Max Gazzè (a recent rediscovery-and reappraisal), Rosalía, Accademia Bizantina, Subsonica and Jack White. Again, color me a little surprised. I like Max Gazzè, but I’d swear I listened to many other artists for at least the same amount of time, if not (way) more. But what do I know? One cannot beat the algorithm, right?

My “music personality,” as Spotify calls it, would be that of a “serious relationship: you carefully select the music and artists you listen to but have a lot of affection to give. If you like an artist, then it’s serious.” Which I have to admit is kind of my general attitude, not just toward music. Here’s my top 101 (not a typo) for 2022: