Yesterday, I went on a hiking trip to Monte Tiravento. This majestic loop tour is uncommon compared to the classic woody image of the Parco Nazionale del Foreste Casentinesi, as it takes place mainly on aerial and partly even barren ridges, resulting in magnificent views. Compared to other variants I did in the past, this one starts at a high altitude, offering lower elevation differences.

It is inadvisable on the hottest summer days when the nearby forests offer more cover from the scorching sun, but it is a real treat throughout the rest of the year.

Reasons for environmental interest, other than in individual uncommon botanical species (at least red juniper and turkey oak), lie mainly in the wild valleys overlooked by what is the “turnaround” as well as the highest point of the itinerary, Monte Tiravento (and even the name testifies to the splendid isolation of the site) and in the beautiful ruin of the medieval Montalto Tower. A final appendage to see monumental oaks further embellishes the hike. I met several groups on the trail, and we’re in February, so I’d expect these ridges to be crowded in spring and autumn.

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