macOS networkQuality tool

Today I learned about a precious little macOS command line tool, networkQuality.

The networkQuality tool is a built-in tool released in macOS Monterey that can help diagnose network issues and measure network performance.


networkQuality -v

Example output:

==== SUMMARY ====
Uplink capacity: 44.448 Mbps (Accuracy: High)
Downlink capacity: 162.135 Mbps (Accuracy: High)
Responsiveness: Low (73 RPM) (Accuracy: High)
Idle Latency: 50.125 milliseconds (Accuracy: High)
Interface: en0
Uplink bytes transferred: 69.921 MB
Downlink bytes transferred: 278.340 MB
Uplink Flow count: 16
Downlink Flow count: 12
Start: 13/05/2023, 15:04:13
End: 13/05/2023, 15:04:27
OS Version: Version 13.3.1 (a) (Build 22E772610a)

It supports Apple’s Private Relay, offers some configuration options and allows setting up your own server. More info here.

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