Lay Back and Keep Smiling

Tomorrow we’re releasing a major project on which we’ve been working non-stop for two and a half years. No matter how many years in the trenches, release day always makes me a bit nervous. Experience does help. I know there will be problems, and we will solve them. Some customers will complain, and those will be the most vocal. The vast majority of them will appreciate the effort, enjoy the features, and stay silent. That’s how it works. We’ll do just fine.

As you can imagine, it’s a working weekend for me. While hacking in the early morning, I listened to The Mildlife Very Fantastic Playlist when a curious tune caught my attention1. I glanced over to Spotify, and my eyes fell on the most appropriate CD cover for launch day ever.

Laid Back...Keep Smiling

Whatever happens tomorrow, lay back and keep smiling.

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  1. Track #8, Fly Away / Walking in the Sunshine [return]