Tonight someone opened a ticket on the Eve repository. I jotted down a quick reply and was about to hit the Comment button when I thought a more articulated reply was in order. I also want it published on my website.

So the question is:

Is Eve still maintained?

My reply goes like this:

Hello, yes, Eve is in ‘maintenance mode’, as I call it. I don’t actively develop new features anymore. Still, I am more than willing to code-review and merge relevant pull requests, especially so if they are bug fixes or improvements over existing features.

Long story short, after many years of development, the funding campaign1 that would have allowed me to keep working on the project failed miserably. People are using the framework worldwide, probably making a profit out of it, but they are not interested in investing in it2. The good news is that the framework is, I think, stable and mature enough to meet most needs.

With Cerberus, I was lucky enough to find a worthy, skilled maintainer in the person of @funkyfuture, who’s keeping the project going. I am hoping the same happens with Eve. So, if anyone familiar with the code-base is willing to help, this is your moment to come forward. Maybe start with triaging open tickets, maybe pull-request for some low-hanging fruits, and then challenge yourself with more demanding tasks, like updating Eve to the latest version of Cerberus.

I had so many things planned for Eve. Hopefully someone will join the ranks, maybe take the helm, and help bring it to the next level.

  1. For some rationale behind the campaign, see this post from 2017. [rss]: [tw]: [nl]: ↩︎

  2. I must admit, this failure hit me hard. ↩︎