Andrej Karpathy has a very well-done Intro to Large Language Models video on YouTube. As a founding member and research scientist at OpenAI and with a two-year hiatus working on Tesla Autopilot, Karpathy is an authority in the field. He is also good at explaining hard things.

As a Kahneman reader, I appreciated the Thinking Fast and Slow analogy proposed at about half-length in the video: “System 1” (fast automatic thinking, rapid decisions) is where we’re now; “System 2” (rational, slow thinking, complex decisions) is LLMs next goal. Also, I suspect Karpathy’s intriguing idea of LLMs as the center of a new “operating system style” is not too far off from what will emerge soon. The final segment on AI security and known attack vectors (jailbreaking, prompt injection, data poisoning) is also super interesting.

On his website, Karpathy also has a promising zero-to-hero video series, “a course on building neural networks from scratch, in code.”