If you are one of the few following me on Substack, I have news: I’m leaving Substack and moving to a different platform. I actually left a couple of weeks ago; my latest posts are not on Substack and you can find them on my website (the source of all my content), or you can subscribe to the new newsletter or the RSS feed like hackers do.

If you’re an old-time Substack subscriber, you already know because I transferred all the active subscriptions to the new platform. I’m writing for the occasional passerby looking for fresh content.

Why I left Substack? Two reasons:

  1. It’s full of garbage, has a nazi problem, and it is monetizing on all this stuff. I don’t want to be associated in any possible way with an enterprise like this, and I certainly don’t want to offer them visibility, no matter how little.

  2. Substack does not support RSS-alimented campaigns, so I had to copy & paste every single post from my website manually. That is tiring and error-prone.

Because of 2, Substack was not my platform from the get-go. I knew, but I was willing, as an experiment, to put in some extra work in exchange for the visibility.

I’m not willing to compromise on 1.