After two years of avoiding it, I finally got Covid. First two days, I had a few symptoms but was testing negative (it was likely to be Covid because one of my daughters was positive.) On day three, I tested positive. It’s ten days now, but only during the first three or four I didn’t feel good: a light fever, pinching throat, some coughing and sleepiness, that’s all. I did not have to miss any working days (I’m self-employed) and only had to skip two of my daily training routines1. I’m in my early fifties, healthy, fully vaccinated and boosted.

These days, in our household, three out of four got the Covid. Our eldest son is in Berlin at the university, but he got Covid one year ago when studying in France. As I write, I learn that my brother and his wife have tested positive. Hopefully, our elders will stay clear of it. I’m so thankful for all the science that makes this less terrible.

  1. I’ll have to pass on tonight’s DevRomagna meetup, though, and I’m likely to skip next weekend’s planned motorcycle trip—minor annoyances given the circumstances, but it still sucks. [rss]: [tw]: [nl]: ↩︎