I am speaking at WebDay 2023

On Thursday, I will be speaking in Milan at WebDay 2023. Mine is a hands-on session on building a reliable and continuous end-to-end testing environment for web apps using Microsoft Playwright. If you attended my introductory Playwright session at WPC last year, Thursday’s session would be the ideal follow-up to that one, as I only briefly touched on CI deployments there.

Drawing from my experience doing the whole thing in production, I’ll essentially be live testing a Blazor app, then take the entire thing to remote CI via GitHub Actions. In the process, I’ll show some of the issues we faced, share how we solved them, and offer some practices we adopted.

WebDay 2023 will be a hybrid event, with over 380 in-person attendees and almost 1300 registered for live streaming. After the exhilarating experience of being back on an actual stage at WPC a few months ago, I’m excited to speak once again in front of a real crowd.

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