Another day another Homebrew incompatibility emerges, this time with docfx, the technical documentation building tool of reference in .NET space. I’ve been using docfx for years to build the FatturaElettronica.NET website, and it’s always been working without a glitch. Lately, however, my builds have been failing with strange errors I was too lazy to diagnose until today when I decided to grasp the nettle and sort the whole thing out.

It took me an embarrassing time to realize that, while successful, my docfx updates (dotnet tool update -g docfx) were being ignored. An old, Homebrew-installed version of docfx was being executed at my launches —a simple which docfx revealed the issue. brew uninstall docfx finally set the updated, dotnet-installed version free of its chains, and it is now merrily churning websites.

A similar issue emerged between Homebrew and .NET 8 Preview only a few days ago. Lesson learned I’m not installing dotnet tools via Homebrew anymore. Or maybe, I might stay clear of Homebrew altogether.