Heading to Go: A Look at Building a Video Encoder (meetup)

We’re doing a DevRomagna meetup this month, and I think it will be a super-interesting one. It’s titled Heading to Go: A Look at Building a Video Encoder and the presenter will be Daniel Enrico Botta, a C# software engineer who recently switched to Go for his video encoding projects. Here’s the abstract:

This talk will discuss the experience of moving from C# to Go for a video coding project. The pros and cons of using Go, a modern and efficient programming language, and how it compares to other languages will be shown. In addition, the use of FFmpeg, an open-source tool for video encoding, and how it was used to create the video encoder will be discussed. Advice will be given on using Go and Ffmpeg for future projects. Together, the benefits of using these tools for video encoding will be understood.

Like me, Daniel has a C# background, so it will be interesting to see the whys and hows he picked Golang for his video encoding work. I’m curious about his perspective on both languages and what he learned from adopting a new stack. Leaving the safe path to adventure into unknown territory is a safe way to broaden knowledge and improve self-confidence, or at least it was for me when I added Python to my tool belt. In surprising and unexpected ways, most of the new expertise also proved invaluable in my C# & F# work.

The session will be held in person, in Italian. So if you’re interested, join us!

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