Today I learned that GitHub wikis are not editable online and do not support pull requests. You can clone and edit a wiki locally but not return your change to the original repository.

I don’t use wikis in my projects; I prefer documentation to stay with the project, usually in a dedicated directory, and publish it on a dedicated site through GitHub Pages. But today was different as I opened a pull request for PaperMod, the Hugo theme I use on this website. Someone asked if I could update the documentation too. Right, too bad it’s impossible to do that.

The first ticket on this goes back to 2016. This limitation makes GitHub wikis impractical for any team project (maybe 90% of those on the platform), confining them to personal projects or small experiments. No wonder so many Wikis appear as outdated on GitHub.

It would be better to withdraw the feature given that GitHub offers a much more compelling solution in Pages.