Today I pushed version 2.0 of FatturaElettronica to NuGet. This release comes with full support for Fattura Semplificata, something that has been on the back-burner for a while. Special thanks to Gaetano Pizzol for single-handly contributing this feature.

Now for the bad news. Since we were to add a new invoice type whereas so far we only had one, I decided to take the plunge and break backward compatibility a little bit. The relevant changes are as follows:

  1. Fattura class renamed as FatturaOrdinaria;
  2. FatturaOrdinaria, its whole hierarchy, and validators moved to the new FatturaElettronica.Ordinaria namespace;

These changes leave us with what I think is a cleaner and symmetric API surface. We now have:

  1. FatturaOrdinaria.cs in the FatturaElettronica.Ordinaria namespace;
  2. A new FatturaSemplificata.cs in the FatturaElettronica.Semplificata namespace;
  3. A new FatturaBase abstract class in root FatturaElettronica namespace;

So yes, you will have to recompile after the update. However, you will find that the changes needed are marginal:

# using FatturaElettronica;
using FatturaElettronica.Ordinaria;  # new

# var fattura = new Fattura();
var fattura = new FatturaOrdinaria();  # new

Satellite projects Core, Extensions, and Forms are also available on NuGet with a matching version number. By the way, in case you did not know, the Extensions package just recently saw the addition of a WriteHtml extension method, prompted by Alessandro Scardova.

I want to take a moment to mention the vibrant community that is growing around this project. As of today, we count ten contributors to the main project alone, and many others have been chiming in either by opening tickets, mailing me, or providing suggestions at the various events that I attend. The contribution rate is a meaningful metric to me. After the years spent in the Python open-source community, I came back hoping I could help and encourage the growth of the Italian open source movement within the .NET eco-system.

Considering the relatively small audience for this project, the adoption rate is also satisfying. I think the main package recently surpassed 13K downloads.

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