FatturaElettronica for .NET v0.9 has been released. The companion Extensions package also hits v0.4.

The main new feature is the FromJson() extension method which allows, you guessed it, for deserialization of a JSON stream into a Fattura class instance:

    var fattura = Fattura.CreateInstance(Instance.Privati);
    fattura.FromJson(new JsonTextReader(new StringReader(json)));
    // or, if FatturaElettronica.Extensions v0.4 is being used:

    // Invoice is now ready for inspection.
    foreach (var documento in fattura.Body)
        var dati = documento.DatiGenerali.DatiGeneraliDocumento;
        Console.WriteLine($"fatt. num. {dati.Numero} del {dati.Data}");

I should probably mention that FatturaElettronica.Core 0.4 is also out, and that that is the actual place where all the new juice comes from, courtesy of Emanuele Zavallone. You don’t have to directly install Core, it will be pulled down for you by the main packages.

So enjoy, and go get them while they are hot:

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