Last February I published The State of Eve REST Framework. Among other things in that post, I mentioned that I was looking for ways that would allow me to allocate more time to the project (and its satellites).

I really feel like I should put more effort into Eve, Cerberus and satellite projects Eve-Swagger, Flask-Sentinel, Eve.NET, etc. I love working on these projects and I know a lot of people rely on them. Also, I have big ideas that I would like to play with. At this point in time however, I cannot afford allocating more time to not-paying-the-bill activities.

Well, I went and looked at the possibilities, and finally settled down on a model which would probably be best defined as a blend between the Vue.js and the Django REST framework models.

Effective now, the Eve REST framework, Cerberus, and the whole eco-system are collaboratively funded projects. If you run a business and are using either Eve or Cerberus a revenue-generating product, it would make business sense to sponsor their development: it ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and actively maintained. Individual users are also welcome to make either a recurring pledge or a one-time donation if Eve and/or Cerberus have helped you in your work or personal projects. Every single sign-up makes a significant impact towards making Eve possible.

Rest assured, Eve continues to be open-source and permissively licensed. It is also maintained and developed in my free time, and by the awesome community which has matured around it. I firmly believe, however, that it is in the commercial best-interest for users of the project to invest in its ongoing development (make sure you check the exciting Things I Would Be Working On section on the Patreon page).

To join the backer ranks, check out Eve campaign on Patreon, or donate via PayPal.

Thank you, Nicola.

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