ASP.NET 6 Migration Cheatsheet and FAQ

David Fowler has a very informative gist up on GitHub. It’s titled Migration to ASP.NET Core. NET6 and it’s filled with details, recipes and FAQs on migrating an ASP.NET Core 5 web app to ASP.NET Core 61. The focus is on the new, streamlined hosting model, also known as Minimal APIs2. To be clear, You don’t have to move to the new model. As the FAQ section emphasizes:

Do I have to migrate to the new hosting model

No, you don’t have to. It’s the preferred way to host ASP.NET Core applications from .NET 6 and onwards but you aren’t forced to change your project layout. This means you can upgrade from .NET 5 to .NET 6.0 by changing the target framework in your project file from net5.0 to net6.0.

.NET6 Release Candidate is out, so the guide is unlikely to receive updates, but I’m sure that David will be ready to do so if required.

We are about to release several brand new web services in the coming weeks. They are all ASP.NET 5, currently in beta, but before release we’re likely to upgrade them to NET6. NET6 is LTS, NET5 isn’t, and offers significant advantages, remarkable performance gains included.

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  1. The Core tag was dropped in NET5, and it was a good move. The reason why the insist on using it with ASP.NET eludes me. [return]
  2. Will .NET 6 Mininal APIs turn heads? collects my thoughts on the subject. [return]