A very interesting read if you’re into Python. Eve has been Python 3 compatible for a while and honestl, I would be surprised to find that somebody is running it in production under Python 3.

Why aren’t people using Python 3?

First, I think it’s because of a lack of urgency. Many years ago, before I knew how to program, the decision to have Python 3 releases live in parallel to Python 2 releases was made. In retrospect this was a mistake, it resulted in a complete lack of urgency for the community to move, and the lack of urgency has given way to lethargy.

Second, I think there’s been little uptake because Python 3 is fundamentally unexciting. It doesn’t have the super big ticket items people want, such as removal of the GIL or better performance (for which many are using PyPy). Instead it has many new libraries (whose need is largely filled by pip install), and small cleanups which many experienced Python developers just avoid by habit at this point. Certainly nothing that would make one stop their development for any length of time to upgrade, not when Python 2 seems like it’s going to be here for a while.

via Alex Gaynor — About Python 3.