AI-curated minimalist news

Minimalist News is the first LLM project that excites me but in a nervous way. Quoting the About page:

We only publish significant news. To find them we use AI (ChatGPT-4) to read and analyze 1000 top news every day. For each article it estimates magnitude, scale, potential and credibility. Then we combine these estimates to get the final Significance score from 0 to 10. And now the best part: We’ll only send you the news scored 6.5 or higher. Sometimes it’s 5 articles, sometimes 2, sometimes 8. And sometimes — none at all. But one thing is constant — you can be sure that you haven’t missed anything important.

The concept is brilliant and well executed, but I can’t help but feel uncomfortable at the notion of an AI curating news for me. Yet, this is the best use case for LLM/AI I’ve seen until now.

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