Hello there! My name is Nicola, and this is my website. I use it to store my memories and thoughts, share exciting resources, and post technical content. I follow the POSSE methodology, meaning I share my content on this website first and only later, eventually, on social media or other platforms.

I’m a coder at heart author of several open source projects, a Microsoft MVP, conference speaker, teacher and consultant. I live in Ravenna, Italy, where I lead the development of Amica 20, a hybrid (cloud and on-premise) accounting app for Italian small businesses. I also the creator and organizer of DevRomagna, the developer community in my area.

I am a former runner, climber and swimmer now keeping myself busy with bodyweight training (I think it’s called calisthenics these days). I love reading good books, hiking in the wilderness and riding my Triumph Bonneville. My all time favourite quote: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go (T.S. Eliot)”

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No guest posts

This is my personal website. I will not accept any “guest posts” here, not for compensation and not for any “good cause”. You can stop asking.