Open Culture shared a “jaw-dropping visualization of John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’ solo.”

Indeed, it is stunning, beautiful and valuable. A visualization like this makes music much more accessible. Quoting Open Culture:

Coltrane’s complexity is daunting for the most accomplished musicians. How much more so for non-musicians? It can seem like “you need a doctorate of music to go anywhere near his recordings,” Nicholson writes. But “nothing could be further from the truth.” With its dancing lines and circles, Brother’s visualization gives us another way to appreciate the “sheer joy of music making and the power and energy of his playing” that inspires students, serious fans, and newcomers alike through “universal values that still speak to us now.”

I suddenly want all my music visualized like this.

My nerdiness alarm immediately went off, and I wanted to know more, so I dug a little. Open Culture presentation is remarkable, but what’s mind-boggling is the author’s in-depth article on the fractal structure of the solo. It’s all about fractals, baby!