A quick preview of the Blazor United prototype for .NET8

Steve Sanderson, the original creator of Blazor, recently posted a quick peek at some of the new Blazor prototypes they are experimenting with for .NET 8.

I think this looks great. Mixing client and server is a brilliant concept. Essentially one would be served with server-side Blazor on the first landing. While using the app, a background task would download the client-side stuff, ready to be consumed at any subsequent access.

Blazor United is all experimental at the moment, but I’m confident it will land in one form or another, either in .NET 8 or later. I remember a few years ago at a Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond when Steve first introduced Blazor as “an experiment”. If he puts in the effort to present his experiments to the public, he’s got approval for that, which means the project is a little more than just an experiment at this point.

Blazor weakness so far has been more with the tooling than the features. Should Blazor United come with some solid tooling, it will be a huge hit.

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