We Are All Remote Workers

We Are All Remote Workers

A little more than a year ago we closed our offices to become a fully distributed company. This story, which is still unfolding, has been the subject of my We Are All Remote Workers talk at RomagnaCamp 2013.

Author: Nicola Iarocci

Open source author, Nicola is also a conference speaker and occasional consultant. He is the creator and main developer of the Amica 10 project by CIR2000, the company he co-founded in 1991. Follow Nicola on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “We Are All Remote Workers”

      1. We are creating a remote company and your ideas are very inspiring.

        We are using Redmine, do you know it? I’ve been using it for more than 7years. But now I’m studying the possibility to switch to Jira. What do you think about?

        1. No experience with Redmine here. Been using Jira with the MongoDB folks and some other projects. Rock solid, and should be easy to import from Redmine. I’m using a custom app however, so I wouldn’t even trust my own judgement on the Redmine vs Jira debate :)

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