My talk at Percona Live 2015

The slides of my talk at Percona Live 2015 (Amsterdam) are online. It was titled “MongoDB and REST APIs a Match Made in Heaven” and it was meant as an introduction to Mongo, REST principles and the Eve python framework.

Overall it has been a pleasant experience, although I found that splitting 300 attendees through seven concurrent tracks ultimately led to too much fragmentation. People often found themselves with 2-3 interesting talks all happening simultaneously, and just had to pick one.

I could only stay one day so I missed all side events, speakers dinner included, which was a bummer.

MongoDB and REST API go for a picnic (video and slides)

I had the opportunity to give my RESTful WeB APIs and MongoDB Go For A Picnic talk at both MongoTorino and NoSQL Day. The folks at PUG Friuli where so nice to record all the NoSQL Day sessions, so here you have it: the full length video of yours truly speaking to a fully packed room crowded with 120 very attentive attendees.

Unfortunately audio is horrible and while all MongoTorino talks were in english, NoSQL Day was an italian-only event. The slide deck is in english however, and is available on both SpeakerDeck and SlideShare.

My interview on being a MongoDB Master

So I’ve been interviewed by Laura Czajkowski on my experience and role as a MongoDB Master. The interview actually covers more angles than that and I guess that, if you really don’t have anything better to do, you might even want to check it out.

How did you get involved in open source?

I’ve been an avid developer delivering desktop applications in the .NET/MSSQL closed source ecosystem for so many years that open source wasn’t even on my radar.

Then a few years ago, like everybody else, we found that we needed to get involved with the mobile world. That’s when I thought that it was time to finally to get out of my comfort zone and start looking out of my walled garden. In fact, while historically there always have been little alternative to the Microsoft/.NET/SQL ecosystem for building business Windows applications, now we were about to address a completely different beast.

First step in any mobile strategy is building a proper web infrastructure, like one or more web APIs, remote servers, etc. While .NET was well suited for the task, I knew that there were other valid, robust and mature alternatives out there and that I had to learn more about them before picking any choice.

My involvement with open source, the whole Python language, MongoDB and the NoSQL movement is the direct consequence of that learning process.

Meeting the EMEA MongoDB Masters – Nicola Iarocci

MongoDB Masters Summit 2013

I’m just back from the MongoDB Masters Summit hosted by 10Gen in New York City. In just a couple days I was given the opportunity to meet and share knowledge (and fun!) with amazingly talented minds coming from all over the world. I’m back with literally dozen new ideas opportunities and concepts, on which I’ll need to elaborate a little bit. While I cannot comment on the many things the smart minds at 10Gen are working on, rest assured that the future of MongoDB is looking great and brighter than ever.

Aggiornato il Piccolo Libro di MongoDB

Finalmente ho trovato il tempo per aggiornare Il Piccolo Libro di MongoDB. Grazie ai contributi di Andrea Rabbaglietti e Michele Zonca sono stati corretti molti errori sparsi qui e là nel testo. Ho approfittato dell’occasione per ritoccare il formato grafico allineandolo alla versione più recente dell’edizione inglese. Se avete già scaricato il libro vi consiglio di rifarlo: la nuova edizione è decisamente più leggibile.

Come evitare i trabocchetti di MongoDB

E niente, è un articolo così importante che mi sono procurato dall’autore il permesso di curarne la traduzione. Solo che non trovo il tempo per farla la traduzione, quindi vi passo direttamente l’originale. In MongoDB Gotchas & How To Avoid Them Russel Smith raccoglie una decina di preziosi consigli che non potete assolutamente perdervi se state pensando di usare MongoDB in produzione.

REST API con MongoDB

Le slide che ho presentato a ‘A Morning with MongoDB‘ (24 ottobre, Milano) sono disponibili online. Gran parte degli interventi erano di tipo divulgativo ed inizialmente ero preoccupato che i miei contenuti fossero troppo tecnici. In realtà in sala c’erano davvero tanti programmatori, quindi tutto è andato bene.

A margine dell’evento molte le domande su Eve, la REST API open source a cui sto lavorando e che conto di rilasciare entro fine anno: bene! Grazie a tutti i partecipanti ed a 10Gen per avermi invitato.